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If you have done any research in the process of choosing a design company, then I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz word “scalability”.  What does it mean and why is it important?  Well scalability simply means to build a site that can be added to in the future.  Or modified easily to meet new design standards.

A good number of designers just stick with what they have been doing for years.  And you would think that’s a good thing based on other industries, but with websites the technology changes on a regular basis.  What may have been common practice 2 months ago could be frowned upon today.  So when choosing a design company for your website it’s important to make sure that they build sites with the future in mind.  We are one of those companies.  Feel free to peruse our portfolio, if you have any questions just give us a call.

Borst Designs

Borst Designs is a wholesale photoengraving company. This site not only includes a general home page, contact page, etc. But we built a custom product catalog and image gallery system, as well as a customer ordering portal.
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Easy-Arch, Inc.

Easy-Arch Inc. designs and sells preformed arches for use in construction. This site was developed based on their logo and provided marketing materials.
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Word of Life Worship Center Temecula Valley

This site was designed to be streamlined and elegant. The ability to update the pages and content by the site owner was also a top priority. We delivered in both areas. A custom video library setup was used for the video sermons page. As opposed to having a complicated admin section with a different page for images, sermon videos, regular videos, etc. We utilized some basic wordpress functionality to make them all manageable from the same page.
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King Stud Contracting

King Stud Contracting is a Temecula based construction company. This site was designed to provide easy access to the information that the client wants to see without overwhelming them. So the client gets a brief overview of what the company does and can drill down to get more information about a specific service offered, all while maintaining a clean interface.
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Pacific Estate Planning P.C.

This website was designed for a local estate planning attorney. We took extra time to make sure that everything was formatted well for those with eye problems.
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Designs By Marika

Designs by Marika is a Temecula based interior design company. This site was designed to showcase the many varied services that they can provide. It was designed to have a sleek and modern aesthetic with a focus on pictures and artwork. We provided assistance in setting up a business Instagram page and made sure to link all of their other social profiles to the site as well. We also designed the logo.
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Painted Raven Art, Inc.

Sandra M. Smith is a local, talented artist. As you will see from her website she works with many different facets of art. This site was developed to help showcase her work and make sure that the visitor's attention wasn't drawn to animations or background images.
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Coronas De Oro

Coronas De Oro is a retail photoengraving and design company. This site includes a home page with a full width image slider, products page, image gallery and contact page.
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Aidan Spencer - Guitarist and Studio Musician

Aidan Spencer is a professional guitarist from Oceanside, CA. This site includes a custom image gallery as well as a custom google maps tool to view where he has traveled. It also includes blog functionality so you can read about all of the different adventures he embarks on.
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KND Financial

KND Financial is a Temecula investment company. This site was designed from the ground up to be fully compliant with FINRA and SEC regulations. It also includes a customized blog section to display relevant articles in a specific order.
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Agency Dynamics

Agency Dynamics is the name of the insurance agency management platform designed in-house by Kelley Brothers IT. The URL above is simply the public facing site. The application that is available after logging in is where the majority of the development went. The system calculates and tracks tiered commissions based on user entered products and commission rates. It also tracks time card entries for employees. It even has a robust reporting tool that allows you to build custom reports and save them as PDF files for later access.
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